September 14th, 2004

long beard

busy where now confused...

I feel like my wheels are spinning.

We've got our EAD (Educational Activity Day) on Thursday afternoon. We can't really get anyone to present, so I think it'll be just us. This should be okay - I found that the library has a few copies of the video set we need, and in addition to that I'll run some little activities and/or games that I make up the night before. =) That'll be tomorrow night - my land!

Our ICT last week went well. I'm glad we got it over with, and I'm glad we'll be getting this over with. We'll still have to do a CAD (Community Activity Day) and a language learning session, but those things will be easier. The hard part for me will be deciding how difficult the English portion ought to be. Let's just say that the Ukranians speak better English than we Canadians speak Ukranian. We won't be doing our session until near the end of our time in Grande Prairie, though, so we'll have the opportunity to get a feel for what's expected based on the other sessions.

Czarek's back from his smoke, so I'd better hurry up and get something done here. =) I really wanted to share a bit of good news: those pictures from Jasper are still on the cybercafé computer! They've agreed to burn me another CD - I've mailed them a self-addressed, prepaid Xpresspost envelope to make it easy for them. I probably should have mailed them a blank disc as well, but I'm all out, and I'm also kind of broke.

I didn't go to Tim Horton's for lunch yesterday because I simply don't have enough cash, in wallet or account (they take debit out here), so I ended up going to a Mac's and buying a chocolate bar on my credit card. They even asked me for ID!

Today my package from Halifax will finally arrive, containing:

- Two payche - (ALMIGHTY [crap] THOSE [folks] AT SUPERTEMP DIDN'T MAIL OUT MY LAST PAYCHEQUE EVEN THOUGH I ASKED THEM TO MAIL IT RIGHT AWAY SO IT'S NOT IN THE PACKAGE [darn] [drat] [diddly])... okay, one paycheque. [darn]. (See next entry for the resolution. They're really very cool people, and we all make mistakes.)
- One disability pension child benefit cheque.
- "Fundraising" cheques from my Aunt Shirley and Grandma. I will be depositing these into savings and paying it out later, as I could concievably be dismissed from the program, and if that's the case, I'm not giving them that money. I didn't have to raise the money by a specific date due to my status as a Priority Backup participant.
- My glasses, the nice lightweight ones with clip-on sunglasses and Crizal lenses, of an up-to-date perscription. The ones I'm wearing right now are dated and all scratchy.


- A postcard from Katie.

I think I'm going to skip my way to the bank.
long beard


Yes, they just put my last paycheque into the mail today. Holy crap, I was worried that I was about to get ripped off. There's a legitimate explanation as to why this happened, which comes down to me telling them to simply mail the last paycheque and them forgetting I said that and holding onto it forever since that's the default behaviour I specified.

Well, the woman on the phone (the one who actually knew something) was very friendly. I'm going to take some of the swearing out of my last post just because of that. =)

Even though I don't have all of what's coming to me, it sure felt good to go to the bank machine!

Do I actually get any work done around here? Don't bother to answer that.