September 13th, 2004


photo disaster

Thanks to the combination of hardware failure in a Jasper cybercafé (their fault, their drives were screwy) and my host mother's desire to get going ASAP (my fault, I was summoned to leave even as I was suspicious that I didn't have everything), there has been a photo disaster. Specifically, I've lost most of the trip to the Mimmett Hot Springs Saturday evening, as well as some early-morning pictures on Sunday, up until we went down Molene Canyon. (After that, I have two fully loaded cards of five-star awesome pictures.)

I really only like travelling independently, and this experience is part of the reason. I would have made damn well sure that I had everything, if I could have.

This does affect the group somewhat. I no longer posess a copy of some of the bowling pictures, and the only extant copies are on the team laptop. Dave says he has a USB file transfer cable, so we should be able to get the pictures over to Nic's laptop, where a CD can be written. Of course, we won't be together again until Thursday... I left Dave's folks a message telling him not to delete the files. Not that he would, but it's good to take percautions.

The good news is that all the other group pictures are okay, though only I posess the copies. Again, we'll have to wait until Thursday.

Also, I "neglected" to delete my photographs from the recycling bin back there. (Serindepitious laziness, perhaps.) I may be able to persuade them to burn me another (working) CD. If they do, then it'll be no loss for me! I'll be very apologetic on the phone and be clear that my photos are my responsibility, not theirs, and that anything they do to help me will be out of kindness only.

It'd be funny if they don't accept my offer of prepaid, self-addressed postage, and insist I go back to Jasper to pick up the CD personally. I'd actually be tempted to do it, if there was bus service. Hey, it's less than six hours driving...

Moral of the story: I need a laptop! That'll be the FIRST big-ticket item I acquire when I get back. And it must have a CD writer and Windows XP. (At least my work placement has a CD writer. They're pretty loose, and probably won't mind me asking to use it for personal use.)