August 19th, 2004

long beard

the daily report

Today was an awesome, awesome day.

I got a (funny) card from Renee (zephyrcrow)! I'll wait until I get out west to reply. Oh, yes, (speaking of) I will be coming out with a all-comments-screened post soon entitled "leave Will your address if you want a postcard." Maybe tomorrow, because there can't be anything else in the entry, because then people would comment about the entry as well as leaving their address, and I couldn't unscreen someone's home address. I mean, that's kind of wrong.

I hung out with... okay, you know those awkward moments when it turns out you're friends with someone that you might have mentioned on your LiveJournal in some silly / presumptuous way? Like, you weren't saying that they ate babies (*ahem*) but still? =) But, you know, she's pretty cool about stuff. She's pretty cool herself. You know, this purely hypothetical person I am talking about who did not just appear on my Mutual Friends list tonight.

We went to Dartmouth for no reason. I mean, I went to Datmouth for no reason. It was good times.

And then there was this car on the street that had a parking ticket, and then it drove me back to my car. It was a super-duper cyborg car. It could have ate the commissionaire, but it decided to be nice today. I mean, it drove me back to my car, and it didn't have to do that.

Anyway, after hanging out, I made a whole huge freaking bunch of phone calls, most of them party-related. If you want info on that, scroll down a few posts. I am far, far too tired to make an actual post-to-post link. My body is still on Symcor time. I woke up at 6:30am even though the alarm was off. I went to sleep and woke up before the 9:30 alarm. Then I started to get tired at like 8:30 tonight. And I'm going to Alberta on Friday, which is three hours behind Nova Scotia (Generally speaking; the time zone boundaries and provincial boundaries may differ. In fact, I am going to check on that right now. Okay, the NE parts of BC like Fort St. John? They're in Mountain Time, not Pacific (like Vancouver, for instance). That's what I was really thinking of. So my part of Alberta is still AST-3). The jet lag will be merely a half-an-hour milder than relocating from London to St. John's (Newfoundland & Labrador).

Oh, yeah, about that - Mike (Fox) invited me (and other people) up to his place and we talked about the next big movie: Dodgeball King. He's going all out for this one. I'm happy and flattered to be involved now.

Steve just wants T&A. He used the term "teen titty film" like fifty times. It was funny, though. But, you had to be there. Plus we were all hyped up on Skittles and Nibs.

My bed bekons. And I have lots of things to do tomorrow - thank God my shopping's done. See you when I see you! As Gandalf would say, "Expect me when you see me!"

- William
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official "get a postcard from Will" post

Okay, this is the official "leave Will a comment with your address and get a postcard" post. All comments will be screened to protect your privacy.

Also, don't forget the party tonight. 143 Shore Drive, at the foot of Golf Links Road, around 9:30.

Just about all packed. My God. The stuff. The mass. My mother was an excellent help packing. I did most everything myself until a certain point, and then I decided that I could use a hand. So that went well.

I can't say too much more, because then someone might want to comment about it, and this post is just for postcards. See you later!

- William

PS: You could be getting a postcard from the Ukraine! How often do you get those?