August 11th, 2004


very very important information update

UPDATE: This party will commence at about 9:30 in the evening. Same time, same place, same everything else.

I don't have much time for documenting and socalizing tonight, so I'll make this quick.

Sunday night was really, really fun. Vince (darkstarmasonry) was around for the first of it. Ryan joined us for the end of it. And now Ryan and Sarah (stigmatic_goth) are going out. Ryan owes me a beer.

However, he's granting me a greater favour - okay, remember this post about my going-away party? Deep-six that. You're still all invited, but it's going to be a house party now - at Ryan's. He lives on Shore Drive, near the second bridge. (Are there three? I mean, there's the little bridge over the mouth of the Sackville River, followed by the bridge after the speedbumps. It's the after-speedbump bridge I'm talking about.) Anyway, if you want to come, call (877-WILL) or comment, and I'll supply you with more exact information. I will clear any extravagant inclusions with him, like if you're not well known to one of us, but otherwise it should be okay.

At the worst, it will be Sarah, Ryan, and myself drinking. But three's a crowd. Fifteen is better. And I'm skipping my Story of an Hour cast party for this. Calls will be going out!

I met that other wonderful person for coffee last night. I think I need to keep this on the down-low. We'll be meeting again next week. I expect nothing to come of it besides friendship, as she has a boyfriend and I am going away.

To be self-absorbed for a second, it's such a pity, as I've been feeling so sexy and confident lately. Okay, I can just see you all going, "Augh, my eyes!" Why don't you come to our party and drink such nonsense away?


Vince talks about Sunday.
Sarah talks about Sunday.
Stephanie (new acquaintnce!!) talks about Sunday. (Vince is right. Everyone has a LiveJournal!)

(Pictures will be up soon-ish, perhaps Friday or so. This was a fun, fun day that takes priority over any other photo chores.) UPDATE: Pictures are up!

I've run lots of errands today. Still more to come. There is a lot of red tape that goes along with this internship. It's enough to make me want to never leave the Maritimes ever again. Or Canada, anyway.

I left work early today because I felt sick to my stomach. The feeling passed, but I felt that it would come back, so I left after only four hours (which ought to be okay, as it's my contract, plus one). All my co-workers are telling me I need to quit socializing and start sleeping. I'm discovering that caffeine can only do so much, plus it exacts a toll on you anyhow. Crap. Can't we all just take pills to stay awake?

I slept in the van until nearly one o'clock in the afternoon. I've done that too many times. But it's so easy to sleep in it, you know?

I meet same coffee woman again next Wednesday. I'll e-mail her now, then go to bed. It's 6:07 now, and I need to get up at 3:30, so I'd best make haste. Peace out.
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