June 1st, 2004


lunch time

In a minute or two I have to go meet Reverend Sydney for lunch. I read part of C.S. Lewis' "Suprised by Joy," and while I don't intend to go down Lewis' spiritual path, I did appreciate a lot of the similarities between my childhood and his, in a creative sense. Of course I had to read the book because Sydney gave it to me, but I've found it less of a labour than I orignally feared.

My nephew is kind of tiny and frail right now, so I guess showing him how to format a hard disk will have to wait. I'll post a picture of Nathaniel and I when I get home.

By the way, everyone wants to know where to get the LiveJournal cartoon avatars, so audience and search engines, I submit the site!


It seems like they are intended for MSN, but they work just fine here, too.
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