May 26th, 2004

long beard


Just thought I'd drop a quick, pointless note before I go to bed. I have that Netcorps interview tomorrow, and I'm going to wear a beige dress t-shirt and beige dress pants and a tie instead of my usual suit, because the suit obviously never worked and Peggy-Lynn's parents suggest that I may be putting people on edge when I wear it, as opposed to how people react to someone dressed snazzy-casually. I'll also be SHAVING MY BEARD. Goodbye, Beard! [sniff]

During my afternoon nap I was having a lucid dream in which I felt myself being a particle getting swept down a drain. Very intense, also scary. I tend to feel when dreaming in that fashion that if I let go, I'll die or forget. I guess both are inevitable in the grand scheme of things. It actually feels quite pleasant to forget about things. It's like Bayer® Asprin for the psyche.

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Shane will be over on Friday afternoon. I'm actually sort of hoping they just want to do the one night in Halifax, because I really really don't want to miss out on the films night at the usual place. Plus I've still got Dr. Christopher's Dale Carnegie CDs, which I had finished in time for this past Saturday, and brought back to his house, but we both forgot about them. I'd sure like to return those. I'd also like to loan another member of the household a copy of The English Patient if she hasn't already read it. Then I've got to read Hamlet, for the sake of my cultural development. Imagine, after doing [counts] ...

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... and with all the teachers and professors saying, "Well, Hamlet's been done..." I've totally missed out on it. Actually, I'll probably have to re-read all the plays, because I am starting to forget about them. Goodnight, everyone.
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