May 20th, 2004

long beard

new toy!

It's way past my bedtime of 6:00pm, so I'll make this quick. I'm graduating tomorrow, by the way. Hooray for me! I'm actually rather excited.

I took Paul out for groceries today, which was quite an adventure. I got to chat with Lori while I was shopping for shoes at Oh My Sole! The shoes there are pricey, but there's a pair being brought in specially that should fit me, plus Lori is there. John, you've met Lori. Lori also starred in the Sages of Time novellas. (Gee, I hope we end up going out or becoming good friends. Then I'd finally get to write Part Four!)

Also at Sunnyside Mall, I buzzed down to Great Canadian News in hopes of finding joegod. No Joe, but I did see Dan Budgell and some well-dressed acquaintance of his. I said "Hi," well I had to say it kind of twice, because he avoided making eye contact when I waved the first time. He replied with the condescending, "Hey, Will," but then added, "What the hell are you doing wandering around the mall?" ("I'm fucking SHOPPING, dumbass. I have actual fucking money, dorkwad." - Internal, after-the-fact thoughts.) I'm not sure what I really said back, but he turned away from me so alarmingly quick that I had to mutter loudly (so he could hear), "What an ass- I mean, uh, yeah."

I really zinged him later, though. I passed them by again twenty minutes later and after I passed them, I turned around and said, in my best Gimli voice, "Nobody tosses a Dwarf!"

I don't normally go out of my way to insult people, but this guy is a total ass, especially for a guy who looks like a chubby 10-year-old with a beard.

At SuperStore, I wandered into the cell phone store and told the salesperson I was dreaming of a cell phone. I walked out with an LG 6070 and a three-year contract. Maybe I'll talk more about the sales job later. But the big news now is that I have a cell phone, and the number is, cleverly enough, (902)-877-WILL. Yeah, it does sound kinda commercial, but 877-WILL is pretty damn easy to remember, so hopefully the Booty Line will be lighting up soon. I'm being a totall ass myself now, really. I'm kind of exaggerating and stuff. The phone will alleviate some of the pain associated with the line, "Excuse me, I have to go call my mother on the pay phone."

I got the phone for social reasons; you're nowhere without one, and this phone dramatically increases my social flexibility and sex appeal. And no, I'm not downloading WWE ringtones.

I HAVE A JOB! I HAVE A CELL PHONE! I HAVE A DIGITAL CAMERA! So yeah, I'm like Set for Life. Next: Honours, then the world!
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