April 25th, 2004

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e-mail to Jonathan Hall

An e-mail to Jonathan Hall from late last night. Not to be confused with Mike's friend Jon S. or Tanya's brother Jon. Anyway, he worked in Porter Sevices, which is where I'm headed on Monday, so I thought I'd drop him a Hotmail. As I expected the message bounced, for one of the usual HotReasons. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, I'd appreicate the assistance. You might remember that Jon wrote in the '98-'99 CPA Yearbook:

I Predict...
   ... people will miss Will Matheson. What did he ever do to you besides make you look stupid for being more intelligent than yourself?
   ... women will marry worthless men who do not truly love them. Men will go out with women only for sex. But, until they realize that these relationships are meaningless, they will continue to be lonely.
   ... at least two people will commit suicide in the next five years because of the pressures of trying to live up to the standards of the 'beautiful people.'
   ... many honours students will not succeed in life. Life is not a text book, it can't be studied.

This was actually printed in the yearbook, not just signed in. I'm so proud of that being in there, though I also love all the people who wrote me handwritten, heartfelt messages. But anyway, the following is my e-mail to Jonathan, which he'll probably get to read eventually...

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Thanks, Jonathan.
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alter ego INFANCY module report

Go play this; it's at http://theblackforge.net/

It's suprisingly roboust. Except that I'd say that it's a degree or two pessimistic about my family life, though it is right on about everything else so far. Well, except for the Boy Scouts prediction. I think that required me to be able to tie my shoelaces, which I wasn't doing until third grade. I don't think I really got into bicycles until fifth grade. Now I'm glad I was able to grow up alone.

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That wraps up your status for the first module. I hope you like yourself. If not, you can always try to improve yourself in the modules to come. There's plenty of time.</i>

Oh, geez, well if you want me to get a high score, any schmuck can do that! The challenge is to recreate your own life. The next few modules should be interesting.

Maybe I should just go to bed.
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tre questions

Some peopIe who copy and paste this want everyone who reads it to ask them three questions, no more no less. I wouldn't mind if you did that yourself, but no pressue. If you participate, you can ask me anything you want through a comment, then go to your journal, copy and paste this, which will allow your friends (including myself) the chance to ask you anything. And I mean anything...

... though if it's too "anything" the response may end up in a custom-security-level-friends-only entry if you gather me. On that note people I'm just acquainted with are encouraged to post, too. And, to my Friends, I am truly sorry for spamming your Friends pages tonight. I am in the throes of an epic LJ-spam-spree. The actual factual journaling ceased hours ago. Anyway, it'll pass, or I'll simply pass out.
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