April 12th, 2004

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morning wisps

I've got a precious few minutes to "kill" (ah, so inelegant) before I leave to catch the 80, and a lot of events to cover, so I must be brief.

After hanging around with Katie for a bit I remembered that she told me that her roommate's bed was broken. An excuse, I suppose, though that might not make it okay. =)

The bulk of both legs of the road trip were spent discussing my status as a high school urban legend and how I have changed / adapted in wake of that. Ryan's a real straight-up, off-the-cuff guy, and it was refreshing to be able to talk to him for so long. He said that he noticed none of the traits I was known / rumored for, such as being loud, obnoxious, or overbearing, and his friends were happy to meet me. Awesome.

The girl who blew me off often entered our discussions, as Ryan's had his history with her, too. It was funny when Ryan told me in a Subway, "You know, you're more like S-- than you realize." Later he explained to me that I had selected the table furthest away from the hot girls. I did notice them when we came into the restauraunt, but when it came to sit down I simply selected the nearest table. I'm kind of oblivious like that. Ryan said, jokingly, that he wanted to throttle me, and I told him that since I rarely had any design in table selection, I would let him select our seats from now on. "You better!" he laughed.

I got a chance to meet William. Unfortunately =) he is every bit as kind and benign as I thought. Tanya's parents have it in for him, for no reason of substance, but as I've said, Tanya's mother sees the world through coal-coloured glasses, to turn a phrase. Right now I'm, in his words, his "only ally." Oh, the irony. But he and Tanya are trying to set me up with someone, which means they care about me at least as much as I care about them. William and I spent two hours talking in the wheelchair van parked in front of his house Saturday night. The way Jon and Tanya's parents treat William is appalling when compared with the respect they show me. We talked a lot about the shit that's going down. I have a unique perspective on this whole situation now, because I get to see everyone's viewpoint, and everyone involved (even Tanya's mother) treats me as a confidant. So, if I wanted to, I could say the wrong things a few times and totally nuke everything. But like I said, William's been so nice to me that I want to stick up for him, and that I will do.

It's time to go. Peace out. I've got class (yes, on Easter Monday...), then I am meeting William for coffee later this afternoon. He's a really, really nice guy. I know why Tanya likes him.
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long beard

misplaced heart

I'm fortunate to have a few more seconds to pen an entry before I have to get in gear again. I was going to talk about how I think I lost my grad pack tickets at the SMUDS end-of-year thing, which I'll talk about in my next entry. I took them out to show to Erin, and I guess I didn't put them back in my backpack. However, I can get replacements for no charge because they took everyone's names down, which is a kick-ass idea and I thank Shane profusely for it. I'll wait until I get know and I know for sure that I lost them before asking for replacements.

So, I was going to talk about that, but then I noticed that my disk that I put my résumés and cover letters on, is missing. It's probably in a computer in another lab. How utterly stupid of me. The disk wasn't on my mind because it was just there in case I couldn't download the e-mail that I sent to myself containing the documents.

The job hunt begins today. Just now I mailed an introduction and application to a mother of an autistic child who is looking for a companion / caregiver, something which I feel I have unique qualifications for. And in about 30 seconds, I'm going to put in my application to ITSS. I made up a special résumé just for them, using a Word template. It looks pretty sweet; I should have done this years ago. Up until now my résumé was just a modified version of a Grade 12 HTML assignment.

I've had a lot to say lately. Well, I gotta please my fans.
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