February 18th, 2004

long beard


You know what? It's time for another update.

Reading Week is upon me, and for the first time (I think?) since moving to Bedford from PEI (Oh, and what a timeless joy living here has been, let me tell you.), I'm not going anywhere. It's no big deal, but I had hoped to go skiing with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Shane - unfortunately, Uncle Shane's beer-league hockey playoffs prevent him from going anywhere. On a brighter note, he'll be off to Brazil shortly if his Visa checks out.

So, for this Reading Week, I have been mostly just rehearsing and relaxing. Yes, I'm in the upcoming SMUDS dinner theatre, and I'm as suprised as anyone - I had this foolish feeling that they just didn't like me. Or maybe they really did not understand me, and I can hardly blame them for that. But right now things are going just swimmingly, and all the pieces are in place for great shows on March 12th and 13th. It's been three years since my last dramatic production. Speaking of rusty, the Idol auditions are this coming Monday. I'm going to have to go with opera_angel on my singing ability: "Dude, you can't sing." I could sing, once. I was once a wonderful singer, and I'm still a servicable singer with certain pieces. But it really is "use it or lose it," like they say. I think I'll spare everyone a digression into my current dating forecasts.

Ha! Of course I won't spare you! This is me, for crying out loud! But this time I bring good news, much like the good news I was bringing last Fall. I guess it takes some time for variables like timing to slip back into proper place after Christmas Break. (Sometimes I kind of wish the world would stay a certain way forever - for instance, if it was still Frosh Week 2003 or still six-weeks-after-Juan, I would be happy provided I had an unlimited supply of money and didn't get hungover. But I used to wish that about certain times in high school, and the thought of still living like that scares the Hell out of me. So maybe I'll be okay provided I apply myself so that things can keep getting better for a while.) Katie and I are going to Clay Cafe tomorrow evening. We had been wanting to do this for a while, but she's busy and I didn't want to ask about it much because she's the one who invited me. But now she's stuck in town like I am, because she takes (a?) course(s) at Dalhousie, and their Reading Week is next week. I think that was a dumb idea on the part of whoever decided that, because a lot of people take courses at Dalhousie, and I think a lot more would if there wasn't so much rigamarole associated with it - getting Letters of Permission, getting registered at Dal and paying their tuition plus part time DSU fees, getting the marks back into your SMU transcript... I was going to minor in Film Studies, but didn't because it required taking courses at Mount Saint Vincent and Dalhousie and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Mind, that would have been fun, but it would have been a bitch to arrange. My actual minor ended up being Creative Writing, which was kind of a last-minute suprise because I was expecting to graduate with no minor.

But where was I? Katie? Well, she has a boyfriend, yes, but who doesn't? She's also asked me to go to the movies with her a couple of times. One time we had dinner at The Argyle. That was great; she's a really bright-personality person who's a ton of fun to be around. I love her smile. I love how she says, "Call me!"

There was also a girl who called yesterday asking for me but my mom's friend Peggy-Lynn forgot to ask who it was. =) So maybe that'll be an eternal mystery, but if it was important she'll probably call back.

If I talk about this stuff too much more, it'll seem like I'm bragging. And it wouldn't take much to totally destroy my sense of social comfort, which often happens. So I'm going to volunteer some less-awesome stuff about myself:

King's: I've finally applied. They have my transcript. I can't say that the transcript will wow them, because my GPA is only just a hair over 3.0, which is typically the lowest they consider. There are lots of A-plusses, but there are also lots of C-plusses. Argh. I should have done more to avoid those C-plusses - they tend to clump together and bleed you to death with an eyedropper, as it were. But it's too late now; I graduate in two months (three if you count the ceremonial stuff), and upgrading anything is out of the question financially and chronologically.

So, you might ask, how's my portfolio? Well, er... it's uneven. Or, to be honest, it's honest. I mentioned my website and I included some clippings from The Journal, including my U-Pass op-ed, but also my Film Amateura "review." I made the mistake of showing it to Tanya once and she immediately dismissed it as "tacky" and didn't even read it, and I don't blame her - I was in the movie (_juju_ is also in it), so what business did I have reviewing it? But I explain in my portfolio that I was breaking the unwritten conflict-of-interest rules for a reason - no one else would write the review, and I needed to do whatever I had to do to get people to see this movie. We'll soon see what their reaction is.

I also included two articles from the LAW (see a list of my stuff here), as well as a creative non-fiction piece "in the Dave Barry tradition." Of course, the fact that Dave Barry isn't especially respected in academic circles does not mean he is respected in journalistic ones. So, again, we'll see what happens. On the plus side, my mom teaches the son of a professor there, who said he would have tried to get me into FYP had I applied earlier / known I was interested. So, when qualifications fail (and, let's face it, they always do), just find a guy who knows a guy! (Of course, this can sometimes work against you. I would have gotten the job at that Ultramar last summer if it hadn't been for the facts they eventually fired Evan, and that I was referred by him.)

Also on the Tanya front, her mother is the lone member of the family still convinced that I'm gay. (You can imagine how these lovely impressions must skew my dating opportunities.) It's ironic that she's the wife of a psychologist who is able to understand that any strange behaviour on my part is more the result of Asperger's Syndrome than sexual orientation, and it's not my fault that anyone who has manners and dresses well (Tanya's words, not mine) must surely be gay. I think they just don't get out much. I'd paste some IM conversation with Tanya here - it would make good reading, but it would be too much trouble to format, and this entry has gone on long enough already.

I had some lucid dreams last night and this morning during which I was imagining my own highways, laying out my own Animaniacs cartoon, etc.. - it was great stuff! Unfortunately, I laughed myself awake watching Wile E. Coyote falling through the interior of a skyscraper that wasn't finished. Or, I should say, "semi-awake," a period in which you have to collect your "thoughts" and maybe free-fall for a bit (I love doing that) and decide what to "dream" about next. It's good times, but you don't get much rest sleeping that way, and so I've been a little tired all day.
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