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I predict...

Penguins beat the Flyers (6)
Wings beat the Stars (5)
Wings beat the Penguins (4, maybe 5)


Edit, June 5th: The Penguins beat the Flyers in just five, the Wings and Stars took six, and the Wings and Penguins took six. But I was close! =)

Still, it was an "easy enough" pick - kind of like picking the Globetrotters over the Generals.

One thing I really appreciate about the Wings victory is that it doesn't seem so fluky like the Tampa, Carolina, and Anaheim victories (and none of those places are blue-chip solid hockey markets, either). And those victories were all over Canadian teams, which with the possible exception of Ottawa, also wound a fluky way to the Finals. If it had been Detroit beating Ottawa last year, it would have been easier to swallow - I mean, Anaheim?!

Anyway, Detroit was clearly the best this year, and they won - it may be a "routine" victory; yes, we've seen this before - yes, it's the fourth time in eleven years (that means the era of dynastic hockey is past us), but in that lies a sort of intrinsic appeal. You feel that all is right with the world. And it's an Original Six team, too.

I wonder who we'll get next year? Could there be a rematch?
Tags: hockey, nhl playoffs, predictions

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