William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Eight Belles

Last night I was up really late chatting with a friend, and between that and reading stories and uploading photos it was five in the morning before I knew it. So I figured, what the heck – might as well stay up and watch the Kentucky Derby.

So I tried, I really tried to stay focused – I read my increasingly creased Stories of English book during the boring bits (why do they need to interview so many B-list celebrities?).

I was really fighting drowsiness, though. Ah, but then the jockeys were called to the post. OK, cool! But I still kept getting into these microsleeps. OK, OK, focus.

And the next thing I know, it’s 7:30 and the announcer is saying “… triumph and tragedy at the Derby…” and I’d missed the most exciting two minutes in sports – Big Brown won from the 20th gate, edging out Eight Belles, the filly I was rooting for, who broke both of her ankles during the post-race cool down and had to be euthanized on the track.

Maybe it’s just as well I missed seeing that.

On top of it all, I felt like I kind of wasted my time, because I could have slept through the morning and seen the same amount of the race (nothing).

I’m only really mentioning this because it was so sad – I had only a vague idea that horse racing could be so brutal. I’m not a fan by any means; the Derby just happens to be an important sports event in general, kind of like how if people only watch one golf tournament a year, it’ll be the Masters. It's the … just the humanity … the pathos? of waking up to hear what I heard, it all sat in my head for quite a while, even after I woke up later that morning.
Tags: horse racing, sports

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