William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Slingbox working!

Guess who's watching Boston at Montreal right now, while he's cooking some eggs and getting ready for Japanese lessons.


Yes, the Slingbox is finally working! Well, the Slingbox always worked; it was the home network that was a pain. We had a very old Netgear router that we'd got for maybe $30 or $40 five years ago. Things like me watching the Slingbox from here, or even me uploading Flikr and Facebook photos from home would knock it out and require a power cycle. But Mom went and got us a new router last week, a Linksys WRT54G, and while it didn't configure itself and we did have to set up port forwarding on both the Slingbox and the router (and this was a pain, because I had remote control only over Mom's computer, and she only has Windows Me, and the SlingPlayer, which you need to configure the SlingBox, requires a modern NT-based Windows, like Windows 2000 or better), it's working now! And I have reason to expect it'll stay working, because the new router is a robust, tried-and-true unit.

Thanks go to our family friend K. for driving back and forth to and from our place so many times in order to get this working. I just sent him an e-mail, and it began with, "IT WORKS!!!!!"

My old Toronto friend Jolene was like, "Are you missing playoff hockey? If my computer was near my TV, I'd point my webcam at it and let you watch. No one deserves to be deprived of playoff hockey!" It was so sweet; I was touched. But now, finally, I can watch on my own and no longer rely on the time and work of others.

Well, time for breakfast!
Tags: hockey, internet, networks, slingbox, sports, television

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