William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

40. Dark and Dreary

What a beautiful dark and dreary day! I love it! Dark skies, no wind, mild temperature - it's so invigorating. It's also a reminder of the passage of time, as the cherry blossoms are starting to come down in the slightest breeze, and a rain shower will knock off most of the ones still clinging to their trees.

I came to school today to find that D. had perfectly photocopied all the Year 3 writing books. Awesome.

Right now the children are moving desks and chairs, but I've elected to stay behind because of my ankle. Limping around with the others just gives me a chance to hurt myself again.

Eight days until payday! I'm going to try to reach it on $5 a day. (I'm trying to save some of my monthly spending money so I can travel to Tokyo in the summer. The savings are already earmarked for school.) Let's hope there aren't any more parties!
Tags: money, weather, work

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