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39. Sanjikai

Wow, it's HOT today! I had to take off my coat when I picked up my bike at the train station and went to MaxValu. What a gorgeous, gorgeous day. Too bad it's a Sunday - we wasted half of it sleeping in, and for the other half you're thinking about going back to work the next day. =)

K-sensei A-sensei's nijikai was a great time. I had the wrong idea about it, though. I thought it was comparable to an after-reception dance or something. This was actually a complete second reception, meant for the A's larger sphere of friends and associates - there weren't any spaces for people who had gone to the reception and wanted to "keep partying." I was also surprised to learn that though we paid $70, the people who had gone to the reception would have had to pay, too - to the tune of $300. And the closest friends pay more - in these cases, the payment counts as your wedding gift. I think this would be a pretty cool system to have in North America - it would definitely ease the costs associated with weddings.

Several of the guests knew A-sensei because she had been their teacher, or field trip chaperone, or what have you. Is it just me, or would that be uncommon back in North America? I remember once being "invited" to write a few words for a favourite teacher's retirement party, but given that I wasn't being invited to that reception itself, I didn't go out of my way to find time to write them. I probably should have, but you get my point - we kind of keep the spheres separate. Perhaps lots of former students went to my aunt and uncle's wedding reception in a small PEI town, but that was a small town - that's different, isn't it?

At any rate, it's a testament to A-sensei's character that so many people who knew her starting on a professional basis went out of their way to come.

After the reception, we went to Casanova - it had been a while! Same great place, though. We sang lots of songs. Then we went to Ingrid's. I tried to sing "This Love" by Maroon 5 (especially for its loud, emotional bridge), but I had no voice left - we'd all left our voices at Casanova. My voice is still a little raspy this afternoon.

After Ingrid's, the group went to this other place, and I just sat and later slept in a corner. And then one of us got obsessed with finding a ramen place. This delayed some of the rest of us from being able to share a cab back, which is the only reason I was still hanging around after Casanova. To top it off? This person was obsessed with finding noodles even though she didn't have any money left! She would be borrowing for that AND for her share of the cab ride home! Sheesh! No hard feelings (we were all quite drunk) but next time, I'm biking in and biking back so I can decide for myself when to go home. I won't be able to drink very much that way, but drinking is overrated these days anyway, especially when it's $5 or $6 at each go.
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