William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

38. Ankle Update

I went to the kindergarten to talk to K. I asked her what it felt like when she sprained her ankle. She said that she couldn't get up for a while afterwards; she felt that she could feel the muscles tearing and ripping. That definitely wasn't my experience, but K. definitely knew what she was talking about, and she put me in the right direction.

We talked about what happened to me, and she thought it would be a good idea to consult a doctor. K. says since the injury occurred at work, everything will be free to me - notably the 30% co-pay levied by Japan's national health care system. We went to find Mk., and she'll be taking me to the doctor at 5pm. We went into the high school and all the way down to the annex to meet with the first aid teacher. She immediately noted that my ankle was quite swollen, and she put a Band-Aid on the gash in order to cover it up for the cooling packs that she put on top. These things are great; they can last up to 10 hours (but probably less for me because my ankle is kind of warm right now), and they're not cold like ice, so you can keep them on for all that time. Ice works fine, but you can only apply it for 20, maybe 30 minutes at a go before it starts to hurt more than it helps, since it can freeze your cells.

So I guess maybe I'll be using the frozen green beans I got today for eating instead of healing. Right now I'm sitting in front of my computer, but my left leg is propped up over the headboard of my bed and supported by a pillow. It should be kept elevated.

The next time something like this happens, I'm definitely taking it more seriously. As K. put it, "Something hit you! You don't know what kind of damage that might have done."

* * *

Update: I went to the "hospital" - a cute little clinic, really - and had an x-ray performed just to be safe. The x-ray machine was like the paintings on Tracy Island, if you follow me. Anyway, there's no breakage - no torn ligaments or tendinitis. Just as my uncle said, it's a very bad bruise. I was given some pills and cold compresses. It looks like I'll be quite okay. Best of all, this gives me a great excuse (mostly to myself) not to dance at K-sensei's nijikai tomorrow. =)
Tags: ankle, first aid, ice, injuries, japan, work

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