William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

33. Barbeques and Movies

Oh, I’m the scholar with the full belly again. I just got back from a barbeque at Mt.’s. Ah, it was so good to have some meat that didn’t come out of a Styrofoam, cardboard container, or McDonald’s wrapper for a change.

I went to the post office again on Friday to mail a batch of postcards. This went well – very well compared to last time – and I even had time to go and rent a movie and then come home and have my lunch. Much better. Tomorrow I’m going to go to a home store that L. recommended to find some proper envelopes for mailing discs.

Mt. is leaving S.G. tomorrow, and leaving Japan later on in the week. He’ll have to leave his wife and children, but in Australia he’ll be making triple what he does here. In addition to the barbeque, we were at his place on Friday night to watch movies. We were going to watch Harry Potter – actually, we were going to watch that at my place, but then it got moved to his place and etc.. etc.. anyway, this has taught me that if there’s a movie I need to watch I’m just going to bloody well watch it myself, because it’s a heck of a lot easier! That’s also the last time I offer anyone the chance to watch the first movie before we watch the second together. I mean, it seemed like a good idea, but in execution – nah.

So at Mt.’s nobody really wanted to watch Harry Potter, and I was only watching them in sequence because I hadn’t before – I’d invited F. (and later D.) to watch with me, and this is what it turned into. Anyway, I can’t say that I blame them, because they’d all already seen it.

So I suggested, hey, we can watch Artifact!

So we did. It went okay – Artifact is able to keep the attention of people who really want to pay attention, but it’s not polished enough to consistently (though it can occasionally) draw people away from their side conversations. They were more impressed with the logistics of us having made the thing in 2000 than they were about the movie itself. And I can understand that.

Then we watched a movie that was very successful at keeping our attention: Babel. It was more “Babel” than its creators probably intended – the DVD only provided Japanese subtitles, so we only understood the English portions and were left to guess at the rest. But it was a powerful, viscerally-intense movie – even though you do have to be septlingual (or have subtitles) to understand it at a literal level.

And tonight M. has invited us over to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. (We watched Temple of Doom, its prequel, about a month ago.) Before long, we’ll be caught up and ready for all the big upcoming sequels! =)
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