William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

31. Drums

Sometimes the stress of everything gets to me. I had little to do today at work, yet (and maybe it’s because I had little to do) I didn’t have a particularly good day. I was worrying about things like time and money and the next academic year – there was no end to it.

When I came home, I took a nap. It didn’t last long, because some folks got together in the ball field across the street and held an impromptu drum drill practise – with what I think was a unmuffled marching bass drum. I mean, it was loud. I could actually feel the pressure of the sound waves. Couldn’t they practise indoors? The worst part was that it was practise – not only was the playing extremely loud, but it quite often went out of rhythm, which meant they had to start over.

Da-DA-dadadadadadadadadada-DA-DA-dadadadadada d d da…

[The coach shouts instructions in Japanese.]

Da-DA-dadadadadadadadadada-DA-DA-dadadadadada da da DA Da DA dadadaad d…

[The coach shouts instructions in Japanese.]


After about half an hour of this I gave up even trying to relax and prepared to leave the apartment and go for a bike ride just to get away from it, but they finally and mercifully stopped. If this becomes a regular part of baseball practise…

Speaking of baseball, the A’s are beating the Red Sox at Tokyo Dome tonight. They use prerecorded music like “Sandstorm” to celebrate a home run – there’s something to be said for a live band, but most people don’t have to listen to them practise!
Tags: drums, japan, noise, work

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