William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson


Artifact is now fully deployed on willmatheson.com and YouTube.

I had hoped to get it up on Google Video too, but Google Video was belligerent. The in-browser upload form wouldn't work at all, and the uploading program would work sometimes - but when it did work (about 50% of the time), the uploaded videos wouldn't appear in my account. I even made up a new Google account and tried doing everything again in the most proper ways, waited several hours, and it still didn't work. I've been trying to get Artifact and the Seven Years featurette onto Google Video since Thursday - Google Video has a higher potential for quality, since it will theoretically accept uploads that are both larger than 100MB and longer than ten minutes - but now I officially give up.

That being said, the movie is uploaded to willmatheson.com, where it's available for download. (Windows Media, 844Mb) There's also a 100Mb version, and downloads and YouTube windows of the other features - it's all at the new mini-website. You can even poke the download links into Windows Media Player if you'd prefer to stream them (use the "Open URL..." command), and this can shorten your wait time a little bit since you can watch the beginning before you finish downloading the end.

The downloadable versions are of much higher higher quality than their YouTube counterparts (they're barely distinguishable from the DVD versions), and they're highly recommended if you want to sit back and really enjoy the movie.

And that's the note I'd like to end on. Enjoy!
Tags: artifact, downloads, films, google video, high school, video, website, willmatheson.com, youtube

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