William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

25. Zap: Bills

We got our power bills today. Mine is a little (ahem) shocking - it's ¥6,219 (about $60), but not too bad considering that I'd stupidly left my heat on for four days straight during that billing period. Heat comes from a combined heat / air conditioning unit, so it's not something you'd run all the time under most circumstances.

Anyway, my power bill should be lower this month because (Northern North Americans reading this may want to look away) I don't need heat anymore. I haven't touched the heater for the past two days, and I only expect to use it sparingly from now on. Today it's... twenty degrees and sunny. I left my coat in my closet at lunchtime and went back to work without it.

This, my friends, is beautiful weather.

Then again, I'll be singing a different tune in July and August when the temperature can nudge 40 °C. But at least I won't be using much hot water in my showers! That bill has been almost as much per month as my electric bill!
Tags: bills, electricity, heat, japan, weather

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