William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

24. Adventures with the Rice Cooker

Food preparation and I don't get along. We're like oil and water at the best of times and like Hatfields and McCoys at the worst. But tonight it was more like matter and antimatter.

F. brought back my bag of rice, so I decided to cook some rice for tonight's supper and maybe also tomorrow's lunch. So I put the rice cooker in its spot up on top of the microwave (which is in turn on top of the fridge), and I pour two cups of rice into the rice cooker. All the while I'm so proud of myself, maybe I'm humming a tune, etc.. etc..

And then I notice that I left the bowl sitting by the sink.

The next ten minutes was spent standing over the sink shaking the living daylights out of the cooker in the hopes that all (or at least most) of the rice would come free from the cooker's electrical innards. (I should have put the cooker down at the sink level, too, where I could have looked down into it and plainly seen that the bowl wasn't there.) After that, I grabbed the vaccum cleaner and cleaned up the mess. That part was actually kind of fun, I must admit.

I'm giving both my uncle in PEI and my engineer neighbour S. a great run for their money in the kitchen catastrophe sweepstakes. You can read about my first experience cooking meat if you're interested. I bought some bacon a few weeks ago, but I wisely stuck it in the freezer right away, because Heaven knows when I'll be feeling adventurous enough to try frying it.
Tags: cooking, food, japan, rice, rice cookers

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