William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Life After Y2K (2007)

I've just switched web hosts, so if you notice something wonky, drop me a line and let me know. I've gotten the e-mail accounts going, but only me and w_matheson and not the catch-all, so don't try to get too creative about contacting me until I sort that out. Like don't try heyithinkimetyoulastsummeratuniversitesainte-anneupinclareremember@willmatheson.com in the next few days.

Back in December while I was making web-friendly prints of Artifact (which I will be uploading within the next two weeks, after I get the supporting webpages ready to go), I figured I might as well make a new copy of Life After Y2K that could go on YouTube.

What I ended up doing was making a whole new cut. It's based on the already-extant MPEG, so the quality isn't on the same level as the Artifact transfer. However, given that ... egad ... the camera clock was recording what it thought was the current time to the camera for some of the scenes, and the fact that ANY edit of this movie would have to be based off the flattened final cut anyway, there's not a lot of point in digging through dusty boxes looking for a better copy and then finding or renting the equipment necessary to digitize it effectively.

Anyway, since I was directing, it counts as my first video (that certainly shows!) and I hope you find it a worthwhile diversion. Of course I didn't do this alone - it's quite unlike my later mini-movies where I worked autonomously. Calum MacLeod wrote a very funny script (that tragically wasn't filmed until after the Y2K he was prophesizing and/or lampooning), the actors had all kinds of great ideas, Ashlee Starratt found us clothes... the list goes on.

This video, and others, are also available for high-quality download at willmatheson.com.
Tags: artifact, high school, life after y2k, short films, video, willmatheson.com

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