William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Suspense in Alberta? Not quite...

I'm watching the Alberta election over lunch. I turned on the TV and feed just after the stroke of noon (Japan time). For those expecting a long back-and-forth night, it's already over - at 12:28, CBC said "We've seen enough," and declared a PC majority government at 12:28 Japan time. The half-hour election. Hilarious.

Premier Ed Stelmach is giving his victory speech right now. Actually, he just finished. That was it. Oh, man - what a landslide!

Update: They just had a political commentator on, and he was speculating about what the Liberals would do next. He speculated that in Alberta, the federal Liberal brand is so toxic that the provincial party should consider a name change. He cited the Saskatchewan Party as a successful case of such a rebranding, although they're more of a right-centre coalition of Liberals and Tories and the original parties continue to exist in that province, though they are not represented in the Legislature there.
Tags: alberta, elections, tv

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