William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

my first "live" update

So here I am at lunch using one of the staffroom computers.

Due to a bunch of silly telco screw-ups, it'll be at least ten more days before they can even get back to me about getting Internet. Apparently Yahoo!BB (internet) thinks that the name NTT (the phone company) has on file is different from the one J. applied for internet on my behalf with. So we called NTT yesterday at lunch from my home landline, and they said, no, they do really have my correct name. So then last night we called Yahoo!BB again and they said they'll look into it and get back to us... in ten days.


What's also frustrating is that K., another new teacher, got her internet last week. Of course, she can speak Japanese, so she was able to talk to Yahoo!BB when they called whereas in my case I had to pass everything along to J when they called me on Saturday.

Ah, well. I've kind of exhausted writing topics for now anyway, except to say that outside of these trivial but annoying annoyances, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm coming to accept the challenge of being here, and I'm also getting a little teeny bit more time to study, too.

Anyway, it's time to go home and eat.
Tags: internet, japan

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