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did someone call?

Netcorps interview went well. I can proceed with the next step, which is a bunch of medical and dental and legal stuff. Then, if I'm lucky, I'll be picked to venture off into the Great Unknown.

Speaking of the interview, someone called near the end of it. The phone vibrated it's heart out from deep within my backpack, but to no avail or notice until I hit the streets again. Specifically, they called at 2:26, 2:27, 2:28, and 2:42. The 2:28 call came across as "Restricted," the rest "Unavailable." You know, I got Call Display specifically to avoid this. I mean, boy do I ever appreciate it that someone wanted to get a hold of me bad enough to call four times, but I'd sure like to be able to return the call.

This occourence led me to investigate as to what exactly the * code is to make your number show up on someone's call display, if you have an unlisted number. Unfortunately, I found no simple answers. If you are calling through Eastlink, use *97, then dial the number. For Telus, use *82, then dial the number. For Aliant, use *67. Actually, the Aliant operator I just talked to denied its existence, or it ever existing, but she was wrong. I just found the code in one of my old phone books.

So that's:
Aliant - *67 (this is a state-changer; if you have a listed number, you can use it to hide your number, if it's unlisted, it does the opposite)
Eastlink - *97
Telus - *82
Rogers - *??

Because, even if you have a private number, why would you not want people to be able to get back to you? Mmm... don't answer that.

It's occoured to me that it could have been Aunt Shirley or Uncle Shane trying to get a hold of me as advised, but they probably would have left a message.

Update: I think we can rule that out. I just spent 30 seconds on the phone with "Unknown," which was extemely unproductive. All I got was stony silence. Creepy. Maybe I ought to start caring about who has my number...

Nah! Here it is again: (902)-877-WILL =)

Update Update: Yeah, Aunt Shirley just called the land line. It was her the whole time. She said she heard clicks or something and didn't know if it was connecting. Weird. I'd better call myself right now and see if my phone works!

It does.

I should just delete this post, but I consider the * information very valuable, so it's staying!

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