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Packing Update

Wow! When it rains it pours; when I found my old Air Canada travel alarm clock, I soon found my Ukrainian cell phone. (It's GSM, so it's at least worth trying out in Japan to see if it works. I'm guessing "no," but it would work in the surrounding countries, so it's still worth taking.)

I also found a bunch of Christmas stuff that I hadn't put away yet.

Christmas 2006.

Listening to "Ill Placed Trust," probably my favourite song this year.

Packing is fun; why didn't I start earlier? =) It's fun because for every thing that you find, you find / think of two or three other things to take. The list-making went like this: "Okay, computer... oh! wireless router... oh! Ubuntu and Knoppix LiveCDs..." or "Okay, wallet, slippers, International Driving Permit... oh! and PASSPORT." (Underline that.)
Tags: japan, music, packing, travel
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