William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Artifact Teaser Trailer + NSCAD goodies

- A Russian outfit purchased LJ yesterday. No, seriously.

- I have new respect for the people who make trailers. This trailer was fun to make, but it took more than a day! On the plus side, between doing this and organizing the captured footage into a chronological assembly edit, navigating the two hours of raw footage is now easy for me.

- Tip: Make backups of your project file often. They're only a few megabytes, so don't worry about them taking up tons of space - all they really are is a list of your editing decisions. I very nearly learned this the hard way, as my computer crashed while the project file was being accessed (which is pretty much all the time when you're editing). When I rebooted, the file was corrupted. Adobe Premiere has a "Save a Copy..." command, and you'd better use it. If I hadn't, I would have lost three days' work! (I wouldn't have lost the footage, of course, just its organization.)

- I'll have a downloadable version of this trailer available on my website as soon as I can strongarm Cedrick. =) Meanwhile, it's also on Facebook, where it looks quite a bit better even though I uploaded the same file.

- OH! I totally forgot; here are some MP3s from my brief sojourn at NSCAD in 2005:

Bear Attack - 0:02:00 (My second Basic Sound project, made with the help of Pro Tools. The first project was a live mix that won't see the light of day. =)
Audiophilia - 2:42:13 (Our after-midnight end-of-term radio show at CKDU.)
Tags: artifact, cpa, trailers, video, youtube

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