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Vanier Cup post-mortem

Manitoba 28, Saint Mary's 14

Wow, what a game. It didn't disappoint from a football standpoint. Of course, the result was disappointing, but nothing to be ashamed of.

Take nothing away from our students who got on that long long bus trip and cheered their hearts out for our team. (Regrettably, I could also hear some of them cheering and chanting through the moment of silence before kickoff, but it's probably because they weren't in much of a state to really pay much attention to what was going on. My own at-the-game memories from the trip in 2003 mostly involve me struggling to stay awake, alert, and coherent.) No, our fans came prepared.

And our team came prepared and then some. They played and played, and they never gave up. Not that we'd expect anything less, of course.

Our defense, #1 in the country, kept the game reasonably close. Their defense, probably #1a in the country, was able to keep our Bedford hero from putting much on the board. With no disrespect to Archibald, who'd be a clear #1 QB on some other CIS squads, it was his first CIS start. What a story it would have been if we'd won. As things are, though, it's a disappointing sort of understandable.

Anyway, the important point is that this is really nothing to be greatly upset about. As good as the Huskies were this year, they'll be even better next year. With Glavic healthy, maybe even unstoppable. This year they got back on the national scene a little sooner than most expected, and that's hard to interpret as anything but a positive sign.

And, there's a distinct possibility that this time next year, it'll be me asking where one can find an online feed of the Vanier Cup. (Well, actually, scratch that. I just remembered I have a Slingbox. But you get the point.)

Oh, and I get my computer back Tuesday!
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