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New photo collection!

I've got great news - well, pretty good news - well, news. I'm finally caught up on my photos. I started very early in September, and now the final collection (Spring, Summer, Fall 2007) is uploaded and the memory banks on my camera and cell phone are clear. I've been at least a little bit behind since March 2004, so this is the culmination of victory for me. It's a bittersweet ending; I almost want to have more photos to play with. But, I don't. (I'm deliberately leaving that last sentence ambiguous!)

Just to recap, for anyone who's missed it:
- The Ukraine photos are now available.
- More photos from Alberta are now up.
- I also made a custom style for my journal that runs backwards, so now you can read my journal entries from Alberta, Poland, and Sainte-Anne with a single click. It's just like a book, only a little more homely! The Alberta journals are especially recommended if you like lots of swearing and complaining.
- Previously passed-by photos from 2004 and 2006 are now up. They were passed over in favour of more pressing concerns. As for Ukraine, it was passed over for a different reason: I just couldn't bring myself to face my experience until now. It was full of all the little shocks and horrors that would make Dale Carnegie cringe. In many ways, I was an absolute fool for the duration of the program.
- And, of course, there's the new collection mentioned and linked to repeatedly in this post.

Now that I'm caught up on photos, it's time to start doing other things. And it's going to be great to start off with a clean slate photographically. Now that I have my own means of storing and publishing my photos, I'm not going to get backlogged like that again. Every new photo I take will surface within hours to weeks, not years!

Still, going back in time to put up really old photos had its merits. I learned a lot more in the process than I bargained for - you can tell a lot (more, sometimes) from people's expressions and things even (and sometimes especially) after a few years have passed. Hindsight in many cases isn't just 20/20, it's 20/10. It makes you think about things so much, it's almost unreal.

Well, until next time, this has been...
Your Pal,
~ Will

Take care, everyone!
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