William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

I have went and learned the grammar

One of my relatives has been remarking on the alarming incidence of "have went," as in, "We should have went on the bypass." For me it's been a natural construction, and I wasn't aware there was anything wrong with it. But as these things usually go, they make sense when you look them up.

From an e-mail:

I think I get the whole "went / have gone" thing. I looked it up, and
it's the same reason you need to say "I did / have DONE." So "I went"
is great, but "I have went" is just like saying "I have did." This
makes more sense to me.

And then just when I think I have learned it all, there's drank /
drunk. "I drank," "I have drunk," but never "I have drank." Something
new to watch for, I guess, but something that probably pops up a lot
less often than where people wend and where they should have gone.

~ William

* * *

gone / went
drank / drunk
(Actually, one of the pairs should change to "went / gone" or "drunk / drank" so that the order matches. Sheesh.)
Tags: english, grammar

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