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Slingbox - woah!

I can't believe I'm just hearing about this now, and, well, I suppose you probably know all about it already, but here it is anyway:

Slingbox Tuner
$150, Future Shop

Hello Stanley Cup Playoffs in Japan! CBC, TSN, Rogers SportsNet, they'll all be there!

They make versions of the Slingbox that take video input and/or control other devices (like digital cable boxes or satellite receivers), but I just want something that plugs into analogue cable. I can live without The Movie Network and TMN OnDemand and even the extra SportsNet feeds, because they kind of suck anyway, and I'm not going to be overseas just to watch TV. That would be kind of stupid. But come April, May, and June it will be invaluable to be able to watch hockey. We get all the sports channels worth a damn on analogue cable - and best of all, if we do it this way, I won't be tying up the cable box - no one will notice that I'm watching TV!

It comes with an RF splitter (although I wonder why they didn't just set it up as a pass-through, but anyway), two coax cables, and a cat-5. I'll split the cable signal to the TV in the basement, which is just a few feet away from the router. Mannnnnn. This'll be so sweet.

PS: I'm sorting Ukraine photos again. Did you know that this year is willmatheson.com's tenth anniversary? A webpage renovation and major new updates will be the best way to belatedly celebrate.
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