William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

return voyage + lunch at the "Faculty Club" + the hazards of sorting photos on the boat

Monday, 11:45am

Well, here I am back on the Holiday Island again. (“Pictograms… which show the direct method of donning a life jacket… are located throughout the vessel.”) We’ve got a full load, and I think I was lucky to get on. I was going to take the 1:00pm crossing, and I think I almost had to after having seen the large tourist crowd.

We unloaded four wagons of hay starting at 7am, but we finished so quickly that I was showered (an important point) and driving down the highway at twenty after ten. It’s nice to be early.

I’m excited for the orientation session tomorrow. My schedule reads, “12:00, Lunch at the Faculty Club.” Translation: the Faculty & Staff Lounge in McNally East. That will be fun; I’ve never been in there before. Now, the Yale Club, that’s a club, and I have been there.

I’m considering making a minor revamp to willmatheson.com, although all it will be doing is directing people to Flickr, Facebook (that above all else, or at least to the public URLs for the photo albums), and LiveJournal. I’ve resisted the idea of a two-way link between my website and this sometimes-serious-blog, sometimes-emo-journal, but I should have at least had my LJ syndicating to my site when I was in Ukraine, and although Japan won’t be nearly as sketchy (therefore it won’t be as interesting, or at least not in the same way Ukraine was), I might as well get something set up. I’ll try to do what Nic does, and just syndicate it. If people are smart enough to find the actual LiveJournal, that’s great, too.

It’s only been 11 days since I arrived on PEI, and it feels like it’s been three weeks. That’s good, though. If it were prison, I’d want the three weeks to feel like 11 days.

* * *

I’ve discovered that you can’t safely sort photos on a boat. What I’m referring to are pictures like from when you took a picture of yourself with your shirt off in front of the bathroom mirror in order to document your sunburn. Or of that nice newspaper clipping about that naturist resort in Ontario. I’ve never hit Delete and Page Down so fast in my life.

Actually, that’s not nearly the most embarrassing photo moment I’ve ever had. The most embarrassing moment was when I took pictures of myself getting ready to go to Tanya’s prom. I was so uncommonly pleased with myself that I took pictures of myself shaving, etc… anyway, so later we’re all at the formal dinner, and the digital cameras are being passed around, and… yeah…

Thank goodness people are too worried about themselves to give truly lasting attention to our little foibles.

12:45 am, crossing complete.
Tags: boats, ferry, hay, holiday island, photos, privacy, saint mary's, travel, work

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