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my room + baseball

I should clean my room out more often. I keep finding cool stuff! Among other things, I've found my old algebraic calculator, a few forgotten story ideas (although many are lame and are going into the recycling bags, but let's not talk about those), a bunch of old cassettes (Police or Huey Lewis and the News, anyone?), and Microsoft's official guide and reference for MS-DOS 5.0. Wow, remember Edlin? I had to use it once to edit my autoexec.bat back when I was running DOS 4.0. Remember all the general fiddling; trying to load DOS into high memory, using the Microsoft mouse driver instead of the one that came with the mouse because it used a few kilobytes less conventional memory, and trying to see if you can load your DOS mouse driver along DoubleSpace and still have enough memory to load Windows? What I ended up doing later on was putting batch prompts into my autoexec.bat so that I'd push one key to go straight to Windows (which didn't need my DOS mouse driver unless I was going to run a DOS program) and another to load the mouse driver and drop me at the DOS prompt.

Today I don't have those particular problems; I've traded those problems for new ones, as we have all done. =)

I also found a letter from Career Services at Saint Mary's, dated November 6, 2006, advising me to book an appointment and benefit from their expertise. I didn't even remember the letter, and now I know why - at the time, I was expecting to get a bursary and I was waiting for news on that, so I found the Career Services letter a bit of a let-down.

On the back of the envelope of that letter from career services (with a friendly invitation to help me answer questions like, "What options are available to me with my degree?" "How do I go about achieving my goals?"), I'd jotted down the monsters I had yet to record in my bestiary from Final Fantasy II.

* * *

Barry Bonds is playing in Los Angeles tonight; the game will be broadcast at 10ET (11 Atlantic) - it'll be on all the Rogers Sportsnet channels. Also watch for Alexander Rodriguez of the Yankees to reach 500 home runs. He might have got there last night, when the Yankees clobbered the White Sox 16-3! But take nothing away from him. In the short term, he's a huge part of the Yankees recent resurgence. In the long term, he's on pace to pass Bonds by age 39. Records aren't what they used to be. Do you know who Babe Ruth passed in 1921 to become the career all-time home run leader? I just did tonight, it was Roger Connor, and he had... drumroll... 138. Today in 2007, Bonds is attempting to reach and surpass Hank Aaron's mark of 755 (he passed Ruth's mark of 714 in April 1974). Think about this: 1921, 1974 (53 years), 2007 (33 years)... 2014 (7 years). No, some records aren't what they used to be.


(Ah, well, that was probably his last at-bat tonight. He grounded out. Apparently he's in a career-tying hitless streak!)

See also: Barry Bonds Home-Run Scandal Somehow Becomes Feel-Good Sports Story Of Summer
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