William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

The Open, Round Two, and Boo

Thoughts from Round 2:

Tiger struggled, but he didn't struggle himself out of the tournament. Word is that if the weather is terrible tomorrow (as many say it will be), that will favour him. One of the commentators, looking at Tiger's round and his concurrent temperment, called Tiger Woods "the American version of Colin Montgomerie." That's not exactly a compliment!

Mike Weir (of Brights Grove, Ontario) shot a 68, the best of round 2, and at -3, he's just 3 back of Sergio Garcia at -6 (Garcia shot a even-par, but respectable, 71; his 65 on Thursday was more than enough to keep him on top after today).

Also on the leaderboard: Boo Weekley. Boo who? Thomas Brent "Boo" Weekley from the Florida panhandle. He likes hunting, and he wears a camoflauge shirt underneath his short-sleeve golf shirt, so that at a distance it looks like he has tatoos all over his arms.

It's his first time outside North America (his golf career took him to Mexico earlier this year, so he did get a passport, and he's been to Canada), and he's having problems with the cuisine in Scotland: "It's rough. It's been rough on that food. It's different eatin' here than it is at the house. Ain't got no sweet tea, and ain't got no fried chicken..."

During the Scottish Open, he was paired with Paul Lawrie, who won the Open at Carnoustie in 1999 (Yes, the Van de Velde Open.) When you win the Open, you get an exemption from qualifiying for the Open until age 65, not to mention a 5-year exemption from qualifying for the PGA Tour and a 5-year exemption to the other majors. But Boo didn't even know about St Andrews and had never before watched the Open, and when Lawrie told him that he was also going to Carnoustie, Boo asked, "How'd you get in? You qualify?"

But to be fair to Boo, he doesn't pay attention to golf when he's not playing. ("Van de Velde? Who? What did he do?") The first time I heard him speak I cracked up laughing. Let's just say that his accent is a little Southern countrified, in the vein of certain characters from To Kill A Mockingbird. (But Bobby Jones had quite an accent, too!) But he's -2 for the tournament; if he shoots under 70 on Saturday, no one will be laughing.

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Q: What about driving around? Is that putting you off?
A: I ain't drivin'. I ain't drivin' nowhere.
Q: Scary?
A: I think so. On the wrong side of the road? Yes, sir.
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