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new bookcases + holy grail + B5:LotR (ha-ha - no, NOT a crossover!) + writing in French + tee times

In an attempt to get ahead of the ever-burgeoning piles of stuff that accumulate in my room, I am putting together new bookcases! I started with a small, three-shelf unit, but now I need the seven-foot tall five-shelf as well. Where are they going? In my room? Don’t be silly. There’s absolutely no more room in here for shelves. No, they’re going out in the hall. I suppose eventually, like an unstoppable, irresistible ooze, I’ll just take over the entire upstairs. But what I actually want to do is get ready to leave, and I can’t leave with my affairs in such disarray.

I enjoyed Holy Grail. I don’t want to get into why (though I probably will anyway), because it was sort of a guilty pleasure all-round. It’s not what I would call a flawless masterpiece, but it probably wouldn’t be so endearing if it were. It’s also odd in that it improves with repeated viewings. I fell ridiculous typing this – this movie is itself a holy grail of the nerd world, and I feel like I’m writing a review for breathing or for water.

Still, the movie starts to unravel after Arthur meets the Knights who Say "Ni," and the ending seems like a bit of a cop-out. (HAHAHA, GET IT?!) But even before the end, there’s a lot to like. Some of my favourite bits, which I will identify with brevity to avoid spoiling things too much:

- The opening scene.
- The songs of Robin’s minstrel, and his entire solo encounter.
- When Galahad is rescued from certain temptation.
- The first encounter with the French. (“Fetchez la vache!” “Quoi?” “Fetchez la vache!”)
- Camelot. (I suggest watching this part with subtitles. Also available in Lego.)

On to B5 – Legend of the Rangers looked pretty promising, although so did Andromeda! With some money and TLC, it could have become a respectable series. It also would have provided work for a lot of Canadian actors! However, what we will get soon is Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, a direct-to-DVD series. This suits me fine, because I watch most of my non-sports TV on DVD anyway.

(Question. If the Liandra is a 20-year-old Minbari ship that predates the Earth-Minbari War (and therefore also first contact with humans if you don't count you-know-who), then why oh why are the beds in its medical ward horizontal? Minbari believe sleeping in the horizontal to be tempting death, and sleep using oblique-angled beds. Even the (much newer and much more advanced) White Stars had angled beds; this is just an old Minbari picket ship!)

I started writing a little short story in French, and I’ll share it when I’m finished, but don’t expect les grandes choses de moi, rappelez je suis un débutant cependant avec le français! The thing about writing in French is that it takes so much effort and time that I am loath to revise what I write, especially if one change necessitates other changes. I’m like, “Noooo! My beautiful, carefully constructed, grammatically correct French sentence! And now it’s redundant!” Perhaps after more courses and experience I will be compelled to throw away my beginner’s hat, I won’t obsess over every sentence, and I won’t expect a cookie every time I say or write something correctly.

Wow, some folks have already teed off at Carnoustie! Tiger Woods is teeing off at… WHAT?! 5:09am Atlantic!? OK, TV coverage won’t be starting until 10:30 Atlantic, but that will be soon enough, and I’ve got to put together that second bookshelf, so it’s off to bed… later, peoples!

(You know who's not playing? Jean Van de Velde! Can you imagine? He won a European tour event in 2006, although the particular event he won is described as having, "one of the smallest prize funds on the tour (€700,000 in 2007), and few of the tour's top players take part." But still! Now, if I ever sponsor a PGA tournament, I know who's getting my discretionary exemption!)

(Also on the 18th, yesterday, Sergio Garcia pulled off one the best-looking pars I've ever seen after his second shot found the bunker (and at a tricky spot, too!), on his way to his 65. He used driver off the tee, although it was his second shot that was the problem, not the first. How anyone could ever even think of using driver on that hole now is beyond my imagination.)
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