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Deathly Hallows + DVDs + Tour de France + Radio 3

I got some pretty promising DVDs from the library tonight: Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers (the last Babylon 5 TV movie; it never aired in Canada), Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (I’ve been waiting for it since before Christmas; it takes forever because it’s a Young Adult DVD with a 7-day loan period), and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Never seen, never seen, never seen sober.

Also on the library front – I’m 66th in line (out of 398) for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the Halifax library system as a whole is ordering 82 copies. I placed my hold the day it came up in the catalogue as being on order, which was the day they announced the title and the release date. (Okay, why am I not buying this book, you ask? Because I’m Scottish and when the mood strikes me, I’ll go to absurd lengths to save a buck, and the more absurd, the better! Besides, I didn’t buy the OTHER books, so buying one would inevitably lead to buying them ALL, which is more money that I’m willing to part with right now. Okay, when I am rich and famous, I will stock my library with Harry Potter reprints. But not now.) But I found out tonight that Rapid Reads don’t count – that is, I can’t place a hold request on a Rapid Read. (That’s good news for those of you with cars – if you want a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and you can finish it in a week, just go to any branch* before it opens on Saturday and pick it up. I have it on good authority that library staff aren’t allowed to borrow Rapid Reads until a regular client borrows and returns the particular item.) Anyway, this means I won’t be getting Deathly Hollows on Saturday – 18/82 are Rapid Reads, 82-18 equals… 64. D’oh! So I have to wait for either 1) two holds to expire (5 business days) or 2) two copies to be borrowed and returned.

* - Keshen Goodman, Alderney Gate, Bedford, Spring Garden Road Memorial, Dartmouth North, Cole Harbour, Captain William Spry, J.D. Shatford (where the heck is that??), Halifax North, Sackville, Woodlawn, and Tantallon will each have at least one copy. Musquodoboit Harbour and Sheet Harbour will only have regular copies, so don’t drive out to Sheet Harbour in hopes of being the first person in Atlantic Canada to legally read Harry Potter for free.

Don’t tell me to just buy it, because as I said, I get a lot of masochistic enjoyment out of saving a buck. Most of my reading material for school last year came from academic and public libraries. Oh, the guy at the information desk at Keshen Goodman tonight asked me when he was looking it up for me, “Harry Potter and the what? What’s it called again?” If you can imagine! =)

So it’s looking to be a VERY good coming week, entertainment-wise. Did I mention the Tour de France is also on? You can catch it in the mornings on OLN / Versus. It’s thrilling! The scenery! The strategy! The athleticism! These guys are averaging nearly 40 km/h, uphill! (To compare, I’ve broke 60 only one recorded time, coming down Bluewater Road in Bedford.) It’s reasonably easy to get into, too; although I wish they had little indicators for each racer on your screen like they do for NASCAR. =) If you’re trying to pick out someone in the Pelaton who isn’t wearing the yellow jacket, you might as well forget it.

Oh, and just a little something for everyone who’s ever worked Sprint-Nextel Customer Care, at TeleTech, or elsewhere: This song should be familiar to you. =) And for everyone in general, let me tell you that Radio 3 totally rocks! (A stream that plays some of the music they broadcast is available here – in as little as a day, you’ll totally be able to fake being an indie rock expert!) The music is consistently good, and I really think Radio 3 needs to go terrestrial. I really miss their Radio 2 simulcasts, but I can’t justify buying Sirius just to hear Radio 3.
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