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roller coaster weekend - Friday

What. A. Weekend.

Well, first of all I guess it's an achievement that I even got to have a weekend, and doubly so that I'm sitting here at the end of it in a more-or-less okay mood.


On Friday, after two hours of sleep and a stressful morning at work, I graduated from Saint Mary's University, with little conception of what I'd like to do with my future. Fortunately, I was heartened to see that only a relatively few were graduating with Honours degrees and other such distinctions. Suddenly I didn't feel so bad anymore. I also ran into a lot of friends and acquaintances, and got a lot of pictures taken.

It was my first full day with my new cell phone, and I found myself already being stalked by my mother. First it was her wondering if Convocation was really such a big deal. Then it was that she'd be taking a bus into Convocation, as she felt finding a parking space would be too much hassle. Then she said she wouldn't even do that, and she'd just go home. Then she said maybe we'd go out for dinner later.

It's just as well she didn't go; she would have been bored to tears. But it made me realize how little some of my family members seemed to care or even notice that I was going to university all this time. Or at least that's how I felt that day.

Mom and I went to Mike's at Bedford Place for dinner that evening. There, I met Sam again. And she said that she was still waiting for my e-mail! Nice of her to give me such polite consideration after blowing me off. =) I may have murmured someting about "disappointed," but she didn't seem to understand this, so I simply said that I'd send her another e-mail, which I have.

Dear Sam,

Well, I shall begin by saying that it was nice to see you at the Convocation and at Mike's. Thank you for your sincere congratulations. I am also pleased (at your expense, unfortunately) that you noticed the absence of my reply and therfore I shall endavour to be more prompt.

I am happy to hear that the Soseki novel was not written from the perspective of a cat. Of course that would have been interesting as well, but such unique perspectives and experiments are often best left to the realm of short prose.

I also wasn't suprised that you'd agreed so heartily that simply hanging out would be beneath you, considering your busy schedule. It is true that making deep social connections often requires people to set time aside specifically to meet and do things, but I can understand how I, a mere acquaintance, may not merit such hassle. Your appreciation of this was very gently and eloquently stated, and for this I thank you.

Moving to news about me, I have recently acquired a cellular phone. I know how tacky and commercial that is, but at the same time it is a social necessity these days. I used to think that I'd never get one, but now that all my friends do, I felt I really needed one. My number is extremely tacky (877-WILL) but I hope people will find it easy to remember.

I'm also beginning to do more reading-for-fun than I ever have before I declared my English major. =) I haven't read anything worth writing about yet, at least not to you, because you have sophisticated tastes. If you wish to elaborate about what you are reading, you are more than welcome to - I relish the educational opportunity, and I look forward to it.

In closing, I wish you a very good weekend and I congratulate your sister on her graduation. Thank you for being such a steadfast acquaintance in all things.

- William

At Mike's I couldn't quite finish my pasta, and I never even touched my dinner roll. For me, this is extremely unusual behaviour, especially considering I hadn't really eaten yet that day. But as you'll soon see, I've had my reasons for low appetite as of late.

When we got home I logged onto the usual services, then went upstairs into the spare bedroom to lay down for a moment in my dress pants, shirt and tie. After two "naps," I got up and noticed that it was around three in the morning. Then I went to sleep again, this time in my own bed.

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