William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Voice Post: I have in my hands a letter...

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Adding to the moment was another letter, "Could you... POLICE?" urging me to consider a career in policing.

By "6 credits" they meant six credit-hours, which is equivalent to one full-year course or two semester-long courses. Since they only require 6 credits of "English Language" courses, apparently my 3 credit hours of Canadian English (which was even cross-listed with linguistics) doesn't count. I had also asked them about this in September, letting them know that that would be all I'd be able to get based on the courses available here (another course in that category conflicted with my honours seminar), but they were just like, "Oh, you sound like a good candidate, everything's tickety-boo," which tells me that they probably didn't bother to read any of my e-mails in any great detail. Well.

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