William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Chris Benoit

Wrestler Benoit strangled wife, smothered son, hanged himself in weight room

When he came to Halifax in 2003 for a "news conference," I got his autograph... He asked me if I wanted to be a writer, (and now I guess it was odd that I asked him to autograph my own published story) and I told him something like that I would be if I could work as hard at that as he did at wrestling.

What could have driven him to do that? Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, whether they are aware of the reason or not; what was his? The lifestyle? The steroids?

The professional wrestling community is relatively small at Chris Benoit's level (elite). Did anyone get even a hint that anything was wrong?

And will this finally start a sea change away from steroids? Pro wrestling is unbelievably drugged up by many accounts. That aspect was easy enough to ignore since the only harm being done was to the wrestler's own health. Now we might find otherwise.

Change won't be easy, though, especially in a worked sport where the images of bulging muscles equal dollars.
Tags: chris benoit, news, wrestling

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