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Ste-Anne, part 29 (leaving Bretonne + Carpool and other Facebook apps + slow, quiet weekend)

(Written just after midnight, the early morning of June 17)

Bye-bye Bretonne…

Today we went to the Freshmart to buy some groceries – I should have introduced myself to the staff, but I was too timid. I’ll have to on Monday!

Walking through the empty halls of Bretonne tonight, I remembered when Colleen put on her rollerblades Friday afternoon and skated laps around the dorm. Oh, dear. I guess that was the first indication of how crazy Friday night and the soirée anglaise was intended to be – many other rules that day, such as relate to smoking on the balconies and drinking out of glass bottles, were likewise cheerfully ignored – and yes, I’m still hung up on that party. The whole experience is probably akin to the feelings you have two days after winning the Stanley Cup.

I forgot to mention that Quinn also came by with his mom on Friday, as he was considering coming here for the Summer 2007 session starting in two weeks. It was still the afternoon, so we had an encounter with me speaking French and him speaking to me in English. Quite comical! He said he understood just about everything I said, which for the most part was me gushing about how great things were here when he asked how I liked it.

I like where we’re headed with things now. Today was extremely casual and laid-back. I’ll also have my own room again at Bellefontaine – actually, the whole place is single-rooms in blocks of four, “apartment-style,” but I just found that out today. Say it isn’t so, but I might actually like it more than Bretonne! The only thing I don’t like about it is the impersonal narrow submarine-esque white corridor just after the front door, and how the first things you encounter are the washer and drier. For me, that kind of goes against the natural order of things.

We also watched Bon Cop Bad Cop tonight. I’d give it a hearty B-. It has a few brilliantly funny moments, but overall the movie has a cheap, in-bred feeling – especially with the brief presence of Rick Mercer and the fact that it’s set against a hockey backdrop and it’s painfully obvious they can’t use real player and team names. (The commissioner of the league was a diminutive “Mr. Buttman.”) Some of the dialogue also seems hurriedly written and not carefully revised – a shame given the potential the movie’s best dialogue and the film’s general premise (and, for the most part, the serviceable acting) provides.

And… is there anything Lee can’t do? He made a really picturesque fruit-and-dip platter tonight, and later he showed me the ins-and-outs of one of the custom Facebook applications he’s helped put together: Carpool. I’m excited to get on Facebook ‘tomorrow’ and try it out. But I’m promising myself I won’t get on Facebook until I have the first-week photos from the immersion session ready to go up. I also look forward to taking a screen capture with the numbers of messages, pokes, and requests that have piled up. So tomorrow will feature me sitting in front of the TV, flitting my eyes back and forth between sorting photos on my notebook and the US Open.

By the way, I’m probably not going to install the Free Gifts application. It’s kind of pointless, because for the gifts to work and be displayable in the way that normal gifts are, everybody would have to install the app. You’re better off just pasting some ASCII art on the person’s wall. It’s equally pointless, but far more effective. =)

I loved talking about Facebook tonight. It was so much fun! But a few of the Francophone program staff here were asking us, “OK, what is Face-book? I keep hearing about Face-book, but I do not know what is it?” Jean-Douglas and his regime in the Républiques Socialistes Unis de l’Université Sainte-Anne (R.S.U.U.S.A.) have effectively kept Facebook at their frontier with Nova Scotia, at least for the 5-week intensive sessions. It’s actually a good thing; to have it would be extremely disruptive.

Good night!
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