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4 days, I wonder why?

Sometimes I don't feel like explaining why my first, last, and only relationship to date only lasted four days. Sometimes she'll do it for me. =) Keep in mind I still like being civil to her, and she's an okay person. We just don't get along very well. Our coversations were like the following before going out... so here's a free William Matheson Dating Tip: Never accept a date with someone you've had on your Invisible List.

96474374: hey

What Resides: hey
96474374: find a job yet?
What Resides: Yes, I did!
96474374: I am on break at work right now...
96474374: where too???
What Resides: Oh, very good.
What Resides: Oh, I don't want to hitch a ride just now, thanks. =)
96474374: hitch a right?
96474374: ride even..what are you talkign about?
96474374: Where is your job?
What Resides: I work at SymCor as a remote keyer. I'm still in training. I work a milkman shift starting at 5:30 am M-F.

Well, you asked me "Where to?" =)
96474374: fuck off
What Resides: So-ry.
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
What Resides: So-ry.
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

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