William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Ste-Anne, part 3 (May 14, continued - internet limitations)

May 14, continued:

Since I essentially live on the internet, some information from Crystal, a third-time participant, about what I will and will not be allowed to do comes in a most timely fashion. I’d rather get over my indignation among friends before I hear about what will ruffle my feathers from some authority.

Essentially, as far as the internet in English goes, I’m allowed to use e-mail, and that’s it.

Obviously, I don’t need Facebook or LiveJournal to socialize here. Nevertheless, being barred from the former and severely curtailed on the latter (I must change the user interface to French, then figure out how to post entries by e-mail (will they let me use the French interface even though I’m posting in English?), and that’s it), is a bit of a pain and necessitates my doing some additional legwork. I’m not even going to sign onto Facebook – people will get the message by the lack of activity, and these entries will continue to be imported for people to read.

So what does all this mean to you? Well, it means the best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail; if you’ve sent me a Facebook message, I can’t easily reply since I’m not permitted to access Facebook. If you comment on my LiveJournal, I can reply through my e-mail, but that has a few annoying limitations. Naturally, I can’t read my Friends page. Sorry, guys!

I see the reasons for all these rules; speaking only for myself, I certainly have a tendency to spend hours on end aimlessly surfing without any reference to the outside world, and it’s hardly conducive to learning French (or Ukrainian, for that matter! I probably spent wayyy too much energy on my blog then).

Well, we have our meeting in 10 minutes; time to get ready for the French onslaught! Aieeeeeeee; someone rescue me, please! I’m looking forward to classroom activities in French, but I’m dreading workshops and socializing. It’s too unstructured, and I’m uncomfortable in those environments by default. I think I’ll need to pretend I’m in a foreign country if I want this to work. And, in a way, I am.
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