William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Ste-Anne, part 1 (Sunday, May 13 - arrival)

(J’ai compose document ici dans Dimanche, Mai 13)

Okay, here I am in my room at Sainte-Anne! It’s way too premature for me to attempt blogging in French, and we’re permitted to continue to communicate in English until tomorrow evening, so here goes.

My residence is for older students, which means that everyone is a room singly (and some of the girls are singly in a double room!) and that there’s no one here under 24. I think this will do wonders four our collective sanity over the coming month.

Someone’s got a Linksys access point going here, but it’s got security enabled. So much for that idea. =) It’s rumoured we can get internet service in our rooms, but the rumoured price was $100. I should be more focussed on studying French or socializing anyway, so it sounds like a poor way to spend money. At least I can type blog entries first instead of handwrite, which puts me one better than how things were in Ukraine.

My room is a single, and it’s a hole in the wall, to put it charitably. However, it’s my hole in the wall, and I’m pleased with it. A visit to the cafeteria building earlier this evening revealed that meals are decent, Aramark-free, and “all-you-care-to-eat” (our meal cards are our id cards). On the up side, we have a generous and comfortable common area; on the down side, our bathrooms are shared (but seemingly only at a 2:1 ratio, while showers are 4:1).

My dormmates are out at the bar for the most part, and I suppose I should be with them, but I really need to brush up on some basics before I take the written and oral placement tests tomorrow.

Everyone here has been really friendly so far. My dormmates are all pretty interesting folks, and it should be fun getting to know them. It’s amazing – they’re from all over the country! (I guess that’s the point of a program like this.) Ironically, I feel pretty far removed from my home as well, although I traveled fewer miles than almost anyone else. This is a precious campus, a well-serviced Francophone university in the middle of a tiny Acadian enclave.

It looks like they’re going to be fairly strict about French here, but less so about other things – as long as we go to our classes, we’ll be more than okay. We’re allowed alcohol in the dorms, but not in glass containers (they’re concerned about breakage).

There’s someone else in this dorm who has about the same level of French as I do (that is to say, next to none) – everyone else has at least taken it through Grade 12 and some are French Immersion graduates. It’s a bit cruel of me to think so, but I’m glad I won’t be the only one relying extensively on charades. =)

It’s very quiet and lonely in here now. Perhaps I should have gone to the bar! I was really nervous when I first arrived, and I’m still hesitant to venture out to the rest of campus. Tell me what, I’ll pop out around 11:30 (it’s 10:50pm now) and see who’s out and about.

A bientôt!

Votre ami,
~ William
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