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intro psych exam + seminar farewell night + east winds

Oh. Exhausted. Let’s talk about this day. This will be my third attempt to blog on-topic.

First, I was up all night finishing my Democratic Individualism paper. Oddly enough, the most gruelling tasks were proofreading, formatting, and including citations – it’s one thing to ask a fatigued person to perform a creative task, but quite another to get that person to do a relatively mundane task without falling asleep. Anyway, I finished the paper at around 11am.

What a weird, surreal day it was. Crazy weather, too! As I walked to the bus stop, the vicious east wind kicked up all the loose crap left over from winter, creating a sort of mini-dustbowl for me to walk though. Don’t you hate it when you’re walking and you suddenly get mysterious crunchy bits in your teeth? On the other hand, down at Saint Mary's I thought I could smell a whiff of sea salt on the breeze.

The Intro Psychology exam: Pretty non-eventful. Big crowd; I hadn’t had an exam in the Tower Fieldhouse for seven years, and I didn’t have a chance to study for it except to glance over a few lectures worth of notes on my notebook (augh! Dega vu! But why?); and so I picked out a lucky yellow exam (and I happened to sit at the same table as Orrin, so we joked around a bit about how low we could score and still achieve A+ for the course) and off we went.

The exam itself was about what I should have expected. I know I missed a few questions, but the vast, vast majority of the questions were on things we talked about in class at least twice. Dr. Patry is a very animated lecturer, and chances are he’ll come up with really memorable expressions that have a way of sticking in your mind to help you recall the course material. Anyway, I’m predicting a… let’s say a 92 for the exam, so 98-100-92, plus the bonus points plus a perfect attendance mark (I did miss one class, but we were permitted to miss three) – I think I’ll be set. And thus will end one of the easiest, but also one of the most interesting courses I’ve ever taken – it was just to get those last 3/120 credit hours, and I’m almost glad Saint Mary’s wouldn’t accept my NSCAD courses, because I would have totally missed out on it. Of course, the NSCAD courses that Saint Mary’s wouldn’t accept were about a hundred times more work intensive than Intro Psych, but whatever makes them happy, I guess…

Exam room LOLz: First, Dr. Patry approaches this fellow wearing a hood. He bends down to the level of his desk and peeks at him; noticing the earphones, he asks the student to remove both hood and earphones. So nothing too outlandish there; it was a civil encounter, and he didn’t get mad. But then this other girl starts snapping her fingers for his attention – ai yi yi! The audacity! You should have seen the look on Dr. Patry’s face, and I don’t blame him. You just don’t do that. Kiddies, please get some decorum. Honestly, Intro Psych. has made me become totally unimpressed with the 2006-07 Frosh Crop.

Tonight, our seminar crew got together at Your Father’s Moustache for a little farewell. We’ve spent wayy too much time together; it’s comical, really. I was so tired (I’m tired now, but I’m drinking a Dew Fuel – a little graduation treat pour moi) that I kept thinking I saw SMUDS people moving back and forth in the restaurant: Oh! It’s Kate! No… Oh! It’s Kevin! No… (And so on…)

Anyway, we had a pretty good time shooting the breeze at the ‘Stach, and the others continued on to Mexicali Rosa’s when I decided it might be better to go home and collapse on something soft – I haven’t slept since just after Brittany’s party. So I go home, and Mom is leery about the weather, so I call for a cab. (I'd walk, but it's pouring rain.) Twenty minutes go by. Thirty. Oh, whoops, the cab was sent to the wrong Shopper’s Drug Mart. Oh, boy. Forty-five minutes. There’s the cab! Nice driver. New dispatcher, apparently. And now I’m home. All done. Totally done.

So now what?

We’ll worry about that next post. The reality is that learning never ends (and I imagine I’ll be taking courses off and on until the day I die), but at least the normal undergrad stuff is pretty much in the can now.
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