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Okay! fine! for sure! for sure!

I'm tired.

I'm like, "I stayed up and watched the entire DS9 marathon on Spike TV, from Emissary to What You Leave Behind," tired. I'm, "Let's do up a spreadsheet for every assignment I've ever completed from Duck Pond Kindergarten to Narrative in Fiction and Film," tired. I am very tired. Do you understand me? [clunk]

A few amusing things happened today. Firstly, I was walking towards my bus stop from SMU, and I cut through the playground behind Inglis Street Elementary. I was walking around a fenced-in tennis court when suddenly a bunch of kids in the other court started shouting, "Hey, Buddy! Hey! Hey, Buddy!" and then I noticed the ball rolling beside me. I picked it up and totally threw it like a girl, which wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that the ball failed to clear the ~12ft. high fence by a foot or so. "Shiitake," I said (It's my new favourite pseudo-swearword. I think it's a kind of mushroom. (shE-'tä-kE, thank you m-w.com)) and chased down the errant ball.

(This may be my first use of an italic "ä.")

By the time I picked up the ball again I noted the kids were starting to climb the fence. "Okay, I'll try harder," I said. I heaved a more decent throw that cleared the fence.

"Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!" they all said. I gave them a thumbs-up as I turned away to head to the bus stop. Then the cute little black boy said, "Strange guy saves the day!" I couldn't help but smile and laugh to myself. I know they weren't being mean about that. But it was food for thought as I plodded on in my blown-out Airwalks, and I realized just how much I stick out without really knowing it. No wonder people learned to make fun of me so fast everywhere I went before everyone else had to start acting their age. PEI teasing I could handle, though.

This evening while out with (stepfather) Paul and (step grand aunt) Freda, I walked into the Wal-Mart in Bayer's Lake. On my way out, two big-ish teenage girls walked by me. These two were straight out of Moon Zappa's "Valley Girl" except for the accent, and a little more hick-ish. Like posers. But they didn't look like they had 'tudes, so they're cool. But this isn't about their "style."

"Ah, we look so stupid walking around Wal-Mart, like the (eh-pih-tum) of dumb."


The other skinnier girl did say, "Yeah, but that's 'epitome (e-pit-oh-me).'"
"Oh, I like (eh-pih-tum)!"


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