William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

finished sch- uh-oh, wait a sec...

I’m… done. La da da. Done. Finished. Complete. Je suis fini! and although that also means something untoward in Quebec French (or so I’m told), here I mean simply “I am finished.”

Edit: Stephanie suggests that, yes, it means finished... but as in "dead." This is not entirely inappropriate given that I've been up all night working on that seminar paper. However, in light of recent events I must say we are all quite lucky to be alive and safe.

Um, holy zarking crap. Thanks Tyler, for pointing it out. It seems kind of inappropriate to continue now. Yes, someone topped Columbine. Dear God.
Tags: colleges, news, school shootings, united states of america, virginia, virginia tech

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