William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
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SMUDS awards + "camping" party + idea!

It used to be that you’d have a party, and all you had to worry about the next day was a hangover or fatigue (or both). These days, you also have to spend half a day clearing up the digital detritus. Photos have to be transferred, organized, red-eye-reduced (especially with my camera!), uploaded, captioned, tagged… augh! Whoever can find a way to truly simplify this will be a rich person indeed. I’ll bet the ultimate solution involves Bluetooth-enabled cameras and face-recognition technology. =)

All that being said, it’s a labour I enjoy, or I wouldn’t do it.

First, the SMUDS Awards Banquet. It was a lot of fun, although “SMUDS Awards, with Snacks for the Earlybirds” would have been a more accurate name. We drew a large crowd and had all kinds of fun. It was also a great opportunity to meet the SMUDS members who weren’t involved in Twelfth Night. Yes, there is a SMUDS outside of the annual production!

(Photos: 2006-2007 SMUDS Awards Banquet)

After the banquet, we had a great little party out at Britt’s, complete with homemade pizza from her “mama” (grandmother) and a copy of Mr. Goora’s Twelfth Night DVD.

(Photos: "Camping" Excursion at Britt's)

When it came time for poor Kevin to leave, he couldn’t find his keys. At length, his keys were found, but then he couldn’t find his shoes. Because of one other critical aspect of the situation, it would make a great drinking song:

Kevin can’t find his keys
Kevin can’t find his keys
Kevin can’t find his keys!

Kevin can’t find his shoes
Kevin can’t find his shoes!
And Kevin can’t find his keys!

Kevin can’t find his coat
Kevin can’t find his coat
Kevin can’t find his shoes!
And Kevin can’t find his keys!

Kevin can’t find his pants…

It goes on like this. It’s an excellent drinking song! There’s another set of verses, too – they go something like this:

Marie hid Kevin’s keys…
Then she hid Kevin’s shoes…

I propose we etch this song into the SMUDS canon. Mike can give us a good tune to set it to.

We also played some fun games which I am sworn to secrecy about, but let’s just say you had to be there. After that wound down, Brittany made sure everyone was comfortable, and as they all settled down for a snooze Dayna, Kate, and I bummed a ride home from Mike and Alli. Thanks, guys!

Oh, and I don’t want to spread this hither and yon, but one of my friends came up with an idea for a road trip, and I think it’s the coolest idea I’ve ever heard – if we pull it off, I’ll be much less sad about not having a car than I used to be, because taking this kind of a trip would be the primary “fun” use for a car, in my opinion. Gee, the ferry’s probably going to be opening up soon, too! Catherine and I went up on a rainy weekend in June and we had a blast - if the other invitees reading this want to get an idea of the spirit of the thing (I would imagine the activities, being spontaneous, would turn out in their own unique way), check out those pictures.
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