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Il fait beau dans l'métro

Today I'm chasing down forms, applications, and the like - then I'll take Paul out for groceries.

Before I forget, though, I want to call your attention to this wonderful example of Montreal kitch. I love Montreal kitch, and Canadian kitch in general - but Montreal is the centre of the universe for all things kitchy, especially if we're talking about the 60's and 70's, back when Montreal was almost a global city.

Il fait beau dans l'métro. ("It's beautiful in the metro.") (YouTube)

Things to love:

1. The guy in the plaid shirt who gives that smile standing between the doors of the car - doesn't he look like Dr. Bartlett?

2. The way the bus driver interjects ("et dans l'autobus!") ("and on the bus!") at different points in the song.

Can you imagine an ad like that for Metro Transit? ("It's so nice on the 80...")

Related: Trip to Montréal, April 2006, with many examples of good food, good times, and lots of kitch.
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