William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson


A quick e-mail from Dad...

Hi Again,
What are you doing this summer? There are many oportunities in
agriculture. You could be a man outstanding in your field.


That particular pun is a new one on me. (Groan.) To address the question, I don't really know what I'm going to be doing this summer. I'm not worried about it, though - even though I got two letters from RIM informing me that "although (my) skills and qualifications are impressive (they) are currently pursuing other candidates." My résumé could still use a little work (I haven't gone back for a consultation on the new one yet), and I've had nothing in the way of face-to-face contact with these people - in other words, I could be trying a lot harder, I will be trying a lot harder, and the quest has just begun.

It's too soon to say, but I think if I get accepted to UBC (and I think I will, if only because their Education department seems to be of an up-and-coming sort) I will actually go this coming year. So this summer, since I need to save some thousands (it won't be nearly enough, but it will be something) I'm probably not going to be too fussy, although I'd be more likely to end up working somewhere in the Industrial Park near my house than in agriculture - but I shouldn't give farm labour such short shrift - it would only be temporary, not forever, and exercise wouldn't be a problem. Hmmm...
Tags: agriculture, careers, education, employment, family, farm labour, future, groaners, jobs, money, puns

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