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Premiere Pro 2 question

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why in Final Cut Express you can just tack on a keyframe and start adjusting the audio levels with your mouse and the changes stick, but in Premiere Pro 2 you do that (of course you have to Ctrl+click to get a new keyframe, not just click, but oh well), great, but then you hit the spacebar to play your timeline and *nothing changes* with the audio levels? How do I make my changes to the audio levels mean anything? I'm probably forgetting something important.

I'm finding the adjustment from Final Cut to Premiere a little bit jarring; I liked how in Final Cut everything just sort of gelled together, and I figured all video editing software would be like that. Case in point: if you want to razor at your current point in the timeline, you just take up the razor, move it to your line thingy, and it makes the cut right on the line. In general, Final Cut has a beautiful snapping system. But if you want to do this in Premiere you have to hit Ctrl+K. Now that I know it, there's not so much of a problem, but Final Cut's way was far more intuitive.

I'm starting to think I should have bought that MacBook after all. =)

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~ Will
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